1.1 Hereafter the term NTBA, club or organization shall be defined as National T-Bucket Alliance, unless otherwise specified.

1.2 The annual club meeting shall take place during the annual NTBA national event defined as NTBA Nationals. If for any reason the NTBA national event does not take place, the board of directors will provide members a minimum of sixty (60) days notice prior to annual club meeting location and time.

1.3 Club event is defined as the total duration of the event including all functions and activities.

1.4 Club functions are defined as activities taking place during the event.

1.5 The club name, logo, motto, and copyright protected artwork shall not be altered, defaced or utilized in any way that would be considered in bad taste, racially biased or discriminatory

1.6 The club is a family based organization and all members shall conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with family values.

1.7 Any and all reference to dates contained within these bylaws may be adjusted and/or altered within a reasonable time frame, by the board of directors, should a situation become known to warrant such action.


2.1 Membership shall be open to any person who has an interest in Model T street rods. Ownership of a said vehicle is not a requirement.

2.2 By receiving membership in the National T-Bucket Alliance, all members agree and understand they shall adhere to club bylaws and all local laws of the State in which the club is participating.

2.3 A member shall be defined as one (1) person in good standing with the NTBA. A member shall be counted as one (1) vote. A member shall be permitted to vote in governing board election and amendment(s) to bylaws. Any and all additional voting may be permitted by decision of governing board, solely as a courtesy vote to the membership. Governing board shall decide final conclusion.

2.4 No member shall profit from any activity sponsored by the club. This does not include the buying and selling of vehicles, parts, services, hobby items and similar, or legitimate and approved vendor sales.

2.5 Membership dues shall be set by the governing board in such manner as to reasonably finance the club.

2.6 Members are encouraged to enlist new members and promote the club.

2.7 Members have the option to purchase a lifetime membership. The amount for a lifetime membership shall be ten (10) times the initial membership rate.


3.1 The vehicles shall be built to resemble the Ford Model T, especially, but not exclusively the roadster pickup. The bodies may be of steel, fiberglass, aluminum, wood or composite material, or any combination thereof.

3.2 All members shall be solely responsible for adhering to their local and state laws governing their vehicles and drivers.

3.3 Club members are encouraged to have at least one (1) club sticker prominently displayed on their vehicle, preferably affixed to the right lower corner of the front windshield.


4.1 All functions affiliated with NTBA nationals shall be approved by club officers.

4.2 All club functions shall be held in areas where permission to assemble has been granted.

4.3 All vehicles shall be operated by licensed drivers and/or drivers holding instructional permits. All drivers and/or drivers holding instructional permits shall be in compliance with the issuing state rules governing drivers and in compliance with rules governing drivers in the state of any NTBA event the vehicle is participating in.

4.4 Use of alcoholic beverages (by NTBA members) during club functions shall be prohibited. Any alcohol related or any other illegal charge incurred while participating in an NTBA function may result in forfeiture of membership dues and privileges, barring from award granting functions and any other actions deemed appropriate by club officers.

4.5 Everyone shall be treated with dignity and respect. NTBA reserves the right to dismiss anyone causing a public nuisance and/or being excessively disruptive.

4.6 All revenue generated from operations of NTBA nationals shall be turned over to the NTBA treasurer (within 30 to 60 days of event completion) accompanied by reasonable accounting of expenses as required by the NTBA treasurer, with the exception of host financial obligations of that event and revenue generated from the sale of host (chapter) products normally sold, not being associated with the NTBA nationals.

4.7 Member(s) and/or chapter(s) hosting a mini or regional event shall adhere to NTBA bylaws with the exception of section 4.6.


5.1 The club shall have a governing board composed of the following elected officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant-at-Arms. All officers shall be NTBA members.

5.2 Officers shall be elected for a term of three (3) years.

5.3 Officers shall be elected by majority vote through sealed ballot. All voting members shall include their member number on voting ballot.

5.4 If an officer is unable to complete their term, a replacement officer shall be appointed by majority vote of the remaining officers, except for the office of the President. If the President is unable to complete a term, the Vice President shall assume the Presidency, and the governing board shall appoint a new Vice President.

5.5 The governing board may appoint various members to committees such as safety, rules, standards, events, or whatever may be deemed necessary. Terms will be determined by the President in concert with the board.

5.6 The President shall preside over all NTBA meetings and NTBA nationals. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall preside. If both are absent, the remaining officers shall preside. If less than three (3) officers are present, no official decisions may be made.

5.7 The Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President. The Vice President shall also serve as head of member and sponsor (advertising) development and may appoint such persons/committees as may serve this purpose.

5.8 The Secretary shall keep a reasonable record of meetings and club events. The Secretary shall perform, or delegate the performance of, various clerical functions as required by the President.

5.9 The Treasurer shall keep an accurate accounting of club monies and produce an annual report of the status of the club accounts. The Treasurer shall establish a working account at a federally insured financial institution. The treasurer may not be an employee of the financial institution where the club monies are maintained.

5.10 The Sergeant-at-Arms shall maintain order at club meetings and functions. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall perform, or delegate the performance of, various duties as required by the president, including, but not limited to, any disciplinary actions deemed necessary by the president or prescribed in the bylaws.


6.1 The Election Committee shall be composed of the President as chairman, and remaining board members as election committee members. The chairman shall abstain from voting except to break a tie.

6.2 All dates (months) contained in this section shall be defined as dates (months) taking place in the election year.

6.3 All NTBA members shall be notified that applications for an officer position shall be excepted during the month of January.

6.4 Any NTBA member interested in pursuing an officer position, shall make their desire known to a member of the election committee, in writing, no later than February 1st. The written notification (application) shall include a concise biography of the member and their qualifications for the officer position being pursued.

6.5 The election committee shall have a completed slate no later than March 1st.

6.6 The March issue of the NTBA Newsletter shall devote a portion of its content to the slate of candidates pursuing a board position, including brief biography and qualifications for each of the candidates.

6.7 Ballots shall be provided to all members during the month of March.

6.8 The election shall take place during the month of April. Ballots shall be due no later than May 1st. All voting members shall include their club member number on voting ballot.

6.9 A member of the election committee shall notify newly elected officers of election results no later than May 15th and instruct them to be present for the swearing-in ceremony at the NTBA Nationals. If for any reason the NTBA nationals do not take place, the board of directors will provide a minimum of sixty (60) days notice prior to annual club meeting location and time, that shall include the swearing-in ceremony. Any elected officer unable to fulfill their obligation shall be replaced in the manner described in section 5.4 of these bylaws.

6.10 Election results will be announced in the June or July issue of the NTBA newsletter. The newly elected board will take office at the NTBA nationals.