The National T-Bucket Alliance was formed in the fourth quarter of 2000. As a special interest street rodding club, our purpose is uniting individuals with an interest in building, operating or just admiring Model T street rods, particularly T-Buckets. Model T street rods are defined as modified 1909-1927 Model T Fords, or replicas thereof. The T-Bucket has long been recognized as a uniquely American hot rod style, first created by Norm Grabowski in the early 1950’s and later introduced to the public and made popular by TV shows, such as 77 Sunset Strip, and several B movies. The T-Bucket, based on the Model T roadster pickup, continues to be a classic, universal icon for the American hot rod movement. The National T-Bucket Alliance, unique in its mission to unite T-Bucket enthusiasts as a fellowship, is committed to providing family-oriented forums for T-Bucket street rodders of all experience levels and from all walks of life.


The mission of the National T-Bucket Alliance (NTBA) is to create a common ground for individual who share a common interest in tinkering, customizing, driving, and showing-off their awesome T-Buckets. T-Buckets are strong and vintage cars that need over-the-top care and services that not all mechanics could provide. By coming up with this organizations, we hope to address this while at the same time furthering the knowledge of T-Bucket owners in caring for their T-Buckets.


The National T-Bucket Alliance prides itself on being unique within the street rodding community and is committed to taking a leadership position in expanding the interest in, and popularity of the hobby. As a U.S. based organization our primary vision includes:

  • WELCOMING NEWCOMERS – From our mission, we provide opportunities and encouragement, not to mention support for the newbie in the field when it comes to all things T-Buckets. We encourage individuals to speak to us when it comes to any type of trouble, and if they need any assistance. We intend to provide to them whatever information needed to ensure that all our members could maximize their ride and have access to the most cost-effective projects that would make their T-buckets even more of an asset to them.
  • ESTABLISHING FELLOWSHIP – Discrimination is what we hate the most here in the National T Buckets Association, and we are vocal in integrating this to each and every one of our members. As such, we come up with forums and events where everyone could mingle once and a while and let out issues if any regarding the policies, procedures, and the current culture of the association. The administration also provide support to all members in ensuring that they enjoy their stay in the association and without feeling conflicted.
  • ENCOURAGING CHAPTERS – We see to it that every single individual in our system benefits from the association. We encourage chapters so that as a smaller group, chapters could be familiar with each member thoroughly. We believe that local chapters are important because this is where bonds and links are developed that make the foundation of any organization even stronger.
  • ENCOURAGING COMMUNICATION – With National T-Buckets Association, members are always encouraged to speak up their mind and/or engage in healthy dialogue with their representative or co-members to address any issues they may have. Newsletters are also available every month to address the need of members to know be updated about the latest happening with the association in general.